unisex Blue Ray Cut Glass


It is used while using mobiles,tv,laptops

while purchasing products you can test Blue laser light

This products are specially for the people who use laptops,TV,mobiles or computers for very long time

And also for those people who are addicted to laptops,TV,mobiles and computers

मोबाइल, टि भि, ल्यापटप, कम्पुटर चलाउदा लगाउने चस्मा
“सामान लिंदा Blue Laser Light Test गरेर लिन सक्नु हुन्छ”
-लामो समय ल्यापटप, मोबाइल, टि भि, कम्पुटर चलाउनेहरुको लागी
– ल्यापटप, मोबाइल, टि भि, कम्पुटर को लत बसेकाहरुको लागी