Snail White Gold Soap


New Snail white gold soap.

Premium soap 10x intensive whitening soap.

🌷SNAIL WHITE SOAP 🐌 🌷THAILAND. ❤️ 💟Snail white face and body whitening soaps allows your skin to make it bright with gluta and 10x whitening properties. 💟Peels dead skin cells and nourish your skin. 💟️Snail mucin repairs skin and soothing. 💟It was carefully selected nourishing ingredients for effective results. Directions: For facial soap,make bubbles and apply on to face then leave it for 1 minute,then rinse,your face will whiten,reduce acne and dark spots and control excessive oil to make your facial skin look healthy. For body soap, make bubbles and apply on to body and leave it for 3 minutes to let the skin absorb vitamins then gently rub to easily remove scurf,leaving just the healthy skin. See results in as early as one week and see it for yourself!