Snail Facial Foam


Washing your face with water has never made your skin truly clean. Especially the dirt from the street, the layers of dead cells that cling to your face make you feel heavy and make your skin feel blacker with more obnoxious stains. Snail Facial Foam Mistine snail skin cleanser is imported from Thailand as the perfect choice to bring a whiter, smooth and vibrant skin to life.
The Wonder Face Wash ever you used. Innovative facial cleansing foam with high flexibility, creating small molecule of bubbles which perfectly cleanse. Along with benefits of snail slime extract from South Korea, making skin naturally soft,tighten and youthful than ever.
Snail snail skin cleanser is extracted from the essence of snail, vitamin E and natural pearl powder which acts to lighten the skin, dim melasma, reduce dark freckles and regenerate skin.
Essence of snails helps to moisturize well, regenerate young skin, help protect and restore damaged tissues
In addition, this fluid also has the ability to eliminate the cause of pore inflammation, help skin quickly scarring nourishes, improves elasticity and reduces the risk of infection for
the skin Snail snail skin cleanser nourishes and whitens natural skin, speeds up new skin cell growth, anti-aging for skin Give your skin a radiant glow, clear all your worries.
🌹 MISTINE PRODUCTS ARE 💯% Satisfaction.

🎀Keeps the face always fresh and gives a young look.
🎀Removes blemishes, scars, wrinkles from the face.
🎀Rejuvenates the skin and helps in cells regeneration.
🎀Helps in getting rid of face tiredness.
🎀An active moisturizer and helps in balancing oil content in the face.
🎀The Snail Slime fights against toxins and free radicals.
🎀Helps in inhibiting the ageing effect on face.
🎀Gives a brighter and glowing skin.
🎀The proteins and the natural extracts helps in better skin whitening.
🎀100 % safe to use and good for all age groups.
🎀Easy to carry and use.
** The effect may vary depending on the user’s location. – Origin: Thailand,Combodia,myanmar,Nepal,korea – Weight: 80g
Directions: Squeeze foam onto palm,mix with the water to form lather,
rub on face and wash off with water.