Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp for various health benefits

NPR4,000.00 NPR5,000.00

For the first time in Nepal, Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp.

=The use of continuous mobile computer, TV, Netflix etc throw positive projects which can see 75 % of the energy of our body and body that can see many problems in mind and body :- Headache, insomnia, Alpha,  Lower Blood Pressure,  high / low, jorni pain, pain back, knee pain, diabetes, heart-related disease, body pain, Thyroid, cholesterol for all the problems which are free

-Saves from the effect of radio.
-according to the Bible, if anyone has an eye on family, business business, business business. He will cut it too.
– clean the house / room air.
-according to the Bible, the negative weapon gets positive energy by getting positive energy.
– according to the bāstru science, the family is considered very good to make family environment positive.
-various negative things won’t even allow to enter.
– Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp helps to remove mental stress and make it positive.
-Rock Salt Lamp also benefits the problems such as migraine, depression, insomnia.