Mini USB LCD Desktop Lamp Light Fish Tank Aquarium LED Clock

NPR3,500.00 NPR5,000.00

Special attraction for home and office decoration.
Aquarium is considered very important in home and office according to health, beauty and material.

-Creative design, multi-functions, and reliable quality.
-Mini fish tank with running water (recirculation).
-The water stored in the fish tank can be running circularly that fresh air can be provided for the fishes living in the fish tank.
-Hold about 1.5L of water.
-Come with decorative pebbles, an artificial plant, and a USB connector.
-Adjustable overhead LED light and multicolor LED interior lights under water.
-2 switches are used for turning on/off the LED light and switching the water pump on/off.
-6 modes of tranquil nature sounds, like sounds of frogs, sounds of bird, sunds of water, etc.
-Backlighting LCD display is featured with alarm clock, calendar, time, date, temperature, and snooze.
-Dual compartment desk organizer or pen holder for setting pens, rulers, etc.
-A great unique and unusual gift for your friends.

Note: the moving water is powered by USB power. It will be running after you connecting the USB cable to PC.