Max Curve Coffee Sugar free + High Fiber


– Cream
– Coffee
– Extract of Gui
– L – Carnitine.
– L – Glutamine
– L – Glutathione
– White Bean
– Cactus Extract – Vitamin C
– Grape Seed Extract
– Sucralose
– Chromicolate

☑️Use sucrose as a sweetener instead of sugar. (Not fat!)
Packing: 10 bags per pack of 15 g

• reduce freckles and dark spots, skin radiance
• Breast firming
• reduce appetite. Accelerate the metabolism to capture the powder.
• tighten the vagina to restore the girl.
• Slim body.

💝Coffee Powder Max. For women and men who love health. With ingredients that accelerate the burning of excess fat, trap fat, reduce appetite. Slimming and slimming body as beautiful as with the natural ingredients. Helps skin whitening, freckles, freckles, and black spots help firm breasts. Tighten the vagina Fill your needs with both men and women. Manufactured by GMP compliant factories and subject to standard and safety inspections. From the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

.☑️Directions: Mix 1 cup of coffee per 100 cc of hot water.