Legano Hair Tonic Extra Prevent Loss Treatment


👉 Legano Hair Tonic Extra 120ml
Made in Thailand

✅Legano Hair Tonic Extract prevent loss treatment natural herbal fast growth regrowth.
Legano Hair Tonic Extract 120ml spray reduces hair loss and accelerates the appearance of the hair.
A new innovation of nourishing and repairing all hair and scalp problems with small molecules from the extracts of the plant family Lupines. Extracted in the form of Hydrolyzed Lupine Protein rich in Contaminated Peptide Oligoelement and vitamins to help restore the balance of the weak hair, not to fall easily dry, crumpled hard to break the weight with vitamins and minerals. Intense mix the mixture back to the strength does not fall easily. Reinforces the growth of hair cells, making hair grow faster than normal. Black, smooth, shiny and weighty to touch the first change in use. Small spray will deeply nourish from scalp to tip. Help fill the calcium to the hair. Helps to keep the hair healthy, moisture balance. To absorb the bacteria from the skin and hair to healthy hair from the base to the end.

✅How To Use : After the mixing pool, then rinse the hair thoroughly wipe the hair. Then spray the hair & sculp through out the hair from base to tip.Massage your fingertips over your head gently & leave without rinsing.Frequently use as needed.