Keratin Shampoo Supreme Charcoal Lae Sa Luay 200 Ml


  • DescriptionLAE SA LUAY Aesthetic Treatment Then I have a straight hair. Hair loss very well. This treatment should be applied with a smooth, smooth slippery feel. Vitamins, vitamins Dry hair, split ends, shiny hair, thick hair, long hair, all hair. TreatmentNot elastic Not chemically controlledJust in the cream. Contains concentrated keratin.Helps reduce wrinkles of the hair. I do not care. Fermentation time depends on hair condition.From 5-20 minutes 2-3 times a week.Or use with steam. I used to replace the cream. Numbered 1016010063396 Hair TreatmentI have a 24-hour straight wheel.Hair loss ends.Dry and dry hair. To use: Shampoo and massage for 2/3 minutes and then risen throughly with clean water.