ISME Rasyan Herbal Clove Toothpaste


  • Whiten Your Teeth After Cigarettes, Tea Or Coffee By Removing The Yellow Stains On Teeth
  • Extracted From Herbal Ingredient
  • Helping To Reduce Any Toothaches And Also Contained Anti-bacterial

Rasyan herbal clove toothpaste helps to whiten your teeth after cigarettes, tea or coffee by removing the yellow stains on teeth.
All ingredients extracted from herbal ingredient -the clove, a traditional Thailand herb for helping to reduce any toothaches and also contained anti-bacterial that might caused the bad breath.
Suitable for hypersensitive tooth.
Made and imported from Thailand
size: 25g (can be use for 2 months!)

How to use:

Using the spoon provided to scoop small amount of Rasyan herbal clove toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Using twice a day for effective results. Morning and evening, each time you use, squeeze the product bean size on a toothbrush, a little bow light brush your teeth, after brushing with rinse with water.