Idol Slim Coffee


Imported from Thailand, coffee weight loss Idol Slim Coffee is currently trusted by millions of customers in Thailand and has successfully lost weight. The product has an extremely delicious, easy-to-drink taste, with ingredients extracted from 100% natural. Lose weight effectively by consuming excess fat inside the body, controlling calorie consumption, providing quick and sustainable weight loss results for users. Idol Slim Coffee helps you create cravings and limit cravings for sweet food. Idol Slim Coffee weight loss products used for both Men and Women.
– Sugar-free
– L-Carnitine
– Collagen
– Extracted from white beans and cactus.
– Low fat
– Sugar-Free
– Corel sterol 0%.
– Sucralose is sweetener instead of sugar.
– Products imported from Thailand
– Packing: 10 packs per box. Each package has a weight of 15G.

⇒ Dissolve 1 Slim Coffee Idol Coffee package with 150 ml of drinking water.
⇒ Take 1 pack every day, drink about 30 minutes before the first meal.
⇒ Use Coffee Slim Coffee Coffee to lose weight regularly every day you will notice a clear difference within the first 7 days when using the product.

+To use the process of losing weight Idol Slim Coffee Coffee to the highest efficiency you need to ensure:
+ Limit the use of stimulants such as beer, alcohol, cigarettes, in the process of weight loss.
+ Drink 2-4 liters per day to help the skin be fresh, smooth, the skin is not dry, wrinkled after weight loss process.
+ Do not eat too many fats and sweets at dinner (should eat before 8pm).

→ Depending on the location of each person, a different result can be achieved when using the product.
→ The product is not intended for children under 12 years and for women who are pregnant.
→ Products for both men and women of all ages