Dipso hair color


Dipso Permanent Hair Dye 🔥
💯 Original

✔ Description : Long lasting hair color for lighter and shiner effect 100% shine and throughly natural coverage softness with no damaged hair after application Dipso permanent color cream offers beautiful and vibrant shades to brighten up your hair color.
The enriched formula will dramatically change your hair color, it employs an advanced formula to produce outstanding results, whilst protecting and caring for your hair and scalp as naturally as possible.
Dipso hair color cream containing an innovative component which protects and provides glamours color to hair as desired. Dipso hair color cream contains active and powerful radiant which confers the product in a permanent color and silky hair.

✔ How To Use :

✅ Carry out sensitivity test 24 hours before coloring.
✅ Wash hair before coloring, Avoid using conditioner or oil before coloring.
✅ Premix the color cream with the equal amount of peroxide thoroughly. (The three pcs together)
✅ Apply premix with brush on hair section by section.
✅ Leave premix on hair for 20-40 minutes.
✅ Rinse hair thoroughly.

✔ Quantity : 1 Box Content, Colour Cream 60g, Cream Developer 9% 60ml & Vibrancy Booster Color 10ml.