Dark Circles Eye Roller Serum Aloe Vera


🌞🌞Baby Bright Aloe Vera and Fresh Collagen Eye Roller Serum ♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️♨️
Package – 15g
Easy to use with roller head. Feels fresh as soon as used
Rich in Aloe Vera Extra fresh Collagen helps restore dark circles and dryness to brighten, revive and moisturize,serum under the eyes .
Rich in Aloe Vera extra helps restore dark circles under dry eyes and bring them back to life.
And reduce bags under the eyes to look smaller. Fresh Collagen enriched to moisturize the skin. Prevents wrinkles under eyes.
Nourishes skin with essential nutrients. Allow the skin under the eyes to moisturize, look lively.
Nurture skin under eyes.
Prevent wrinkles under the eyes
Heal eye puffiness
Prevent eye under bags
Helps the skin under the eyes hydration. Radiant, lively.
⭐⭐How to use: gently rolling roller in circle motion gently 1 round in the outer areas of your eye lid and in the eye bags.