ALADA Whitening Soap Authentic Natural SOAP


The #1 Soap in thailand
Wondering why #ALADA SOAP is highly in demand even if this is pricey one??
💟Pricey?! Yes but the thing is it have reasons why it is pricey,for our soap we prefer.
“Only Premuim Ingredients”in manufacturing own formula soap.
➖cheaper things it have own reason too why it is cheaper
✳Costumer will themeselves which one they will choose.
💜thanks for choosing ALADA
Alada soap is the most popular soap in Thailand is now the best selling fast whitening soap in the Philippines. Alada soap.
made in Natural ingrediets (organic)

– whitens skin✨
– removes scars✨
-anti acne soap✨
– removes stretchmarks✨
– removes dark spots and Pekas✨
– removes melasma✨
Carambola Nano Exract
White Ginger Extract
Synthetic Collagen IV
Algae Extract
Bye acne, dark spot, scar.

Suggested Use:
👉Leave it for 2-5 minutes before rinsing. May be used face and body.