al-D-Mag Height Growth Calcium Magnesium Calcium Supplement


  • The growth in height.
  • Prevent bone disorders such as broken bones, bent back.
  • Prevent osteoporosis.
  • 60 Capsules
  • Helps the growth in the high side
  • Prevent abnormalities of bones such as broken bones after bending
  • Prevent osteoporosisRelieve joint pain

Important Functions of Calcium
1. Strengthen bonesPrevent abnormalities of bones such as broken bones easily after bending, cropping bones, deforming teeth or
easily slipping away
2. Prevent osteoporosis
3. Prevent abdominal pain in women during menstruation
4. Reduce muscle spasmAnd numbness on the tip of the toe of the hand
5. helping to grow in lengthAnd the strength of children in growth,
young children 1 – 6 years, the amount of calcium per day (mg) 800
children, teenagers, calcium intake per day (mg) 1200
menopausal womenCalcium intake per day (mg) 1200
Pregnant women breastfeedingCalcium intake per day (mg) 1200
adults Calcium intake per day (mg) 800
Receiving calcium in quantities less than 2000 mg is considered safe for teenagers and adults in general.If the amount is greater than
2000 mg / day, it is considered unsafe and can be dangerous.If this has been continued for several days in a row, it will cause
constipation and may cause kidney stones or in the urinary system.
Conclusion: Sufficient calcium is essential for the growth of the body, nourishing bones, shortages. Effect
High interruptionThe elements that are high are not from calcium.OnlyA variety of high-calcium foods
to choose from and milk is the easiest food for you.In the case of not eating milkMay also eat other foods or
safehealthy foods thatsupplement calcium in our home.Not too muchIt will take care of complete nutrition.
Approximate important components in 1 tablet of the calamigrams are as follows.
Calcium 400 mg
Magnesium 54 mg
Vitamin D 3 90, Universal
Vitamin CUnit32 mg.
Zinc 4.2 mg
Vitamin E 3, international unit
Copper 0.45 mg
How to eat 1 tablet at a timeWith breakfast – dinner
, 60 tablets